directed by andrew panton

Lighting by Grant anderson

choreography BY ANWAR RUSSELL

A 1891 gymnasium, complete with blackboard, stacks of broken furniture and a cage of apparatus bars became the perfect setting to explore the dual worlds of uptight, authoritarian Victorian education and the explosive, athletic expression of adolescent angst and pent up sexuality. 

The cast, clothed in gym wear of the time, built the various locales from gym horses, bar boxes and school desks, re-assembling the strict prude world around them into a playground of possibility.  

a versatile school set, which is beautifully designed ... by Kenneth MacLeod ... gives clear expression to the contradictions in the piece.
— ****, Mark Brown, Herald Scotland, 2018
...a beautifully staged production - with a fine, flexible school gym hall set by Kenneth MacLeod...
— *****, Joyce McMillan, Scotsman, 2018