WRITTEN & directed by matt lenton

Lighting design by Simon Wilkinson  

PHOTOGRAPHY by Mihaela Bodlovic

The production impresses visually (thanks to MacLeod’s excellent netherworld of roots and sarcophagi)
— Mark Brown, The Telegraph, 23rd Feb 2019
The true standout, however, is Kenneth MacLeod’s design. The devil is the detail – the playful rhymes on headstones, the plastic halos of the joint-smoking angels, the gothic Royal Stewart tartan dress worn by Mrs Mark, and an evident sense of humour all make this design sing.
— Ryan Hay, The Skinny, 25th Feb 2019
The interplay between Smith’s compositions and the painterly visuals, created by the set and costume designer Kenneth Macleod and the lighting designer, Simon Wilkinson, is immediately seductive.
— Alan Radcliffe, The Times, 26th February 2019