DIRECTED BY eve jamieson

LIGHTING design BY tim mascall


In deciphering the text of Jean Genet's classic The Maids, in which two downtrodden maids play-act scenarios of murdering their mistress, we were struck by the theme of building a false reality in the face of a bigger, harsher world. 

Our design created a sumptuous 1947 Parisian boudoir, in beautiful, if not crumbling, splendour. On either side of the room, two perspex tanks sat, holding each maid before releasing them into the playing space every time thier game began anew - the first of many clues that their lives is a contructed simulation in a bigger, more sinister, unknown.

The initial experience of Kenneth Macleod’s set ... is akin to walking into the chamber of horrors at Madame Tussauds.... an image straight out of a horror movie, that encapsulates the intense theatricality and penetrating exploration of power relationships in Genet’s melodrama, while contrasting effectively with the ... richly detailed Parisian boudoir...
— Alan Radcliffe, The Times, November 2017
Kenneth MacLeod’s luscious petal-strewn boudoir set, lit with the elaborate theatricality of a Madonna video by Tim Mascall, heightens the lucid dream play-acting of the maids.
— Tom Dibdin, The Stage, October 2017
Jamieson’s production leans towards the macabre...
playing across Kenneth MacLeod’s gorgeous boudoir set - offering fine filmic moments of crashing terror and creeping shadow
— Joyce McMillan Scotsman, October 2017